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In an effort to broaden and improve knowledge about SOMA's insurance program, the Student Osteopathic Medical Association is pleased to provide this brochure consisting of the health insurance coverage designed to meet the needs of osteopathic medical student members and associate student members. The SOMA Insurance Plan has been carefully reviewed and found to be highly suitable for the needs of SOMA members, associate members and their families.  In our opinion, the SOMA Insurance Plan represents an outstanding insurance value.

The SOMA Insurance Plan described is one of the many programs and benefits available to SOMA members and associate members.  Only SOMA members and associate members are eligible to participate in the SOMA Insurance Plan.

Osteopathic medical students and students of an allied health care profession associated with The American Osteopathic Association recognized College of Osteopathic Medicine who are non-SOMA members may contact the local SOMA Chapter President for membership information or call the National SOMA Administrator at 1-800-621-1773, ext. 8193 or visit their website at www.studentdo.com.

 Any questions regarding the SOMA College Health Insurance program should be directed to our Insurance Administrator, Mass Marketing Insurance Consultants, Inc. (MMIC), at 1-800-349-1039. 

Terms and conditions of coverage and benefits are set forth in the Master Policy issued to    Student Osteopathic Medical Association.Insurance. Insurance plans are underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company (Medical), United Concordia Life and Health Insurance Company (Dental) and VSP (Vision).

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